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‘Practice Plus’- Practice and Assessment Portal for students of Classes III-VIII (August 31,2017 )

Digital class education is a boon for the students of 21st century. In sync with this, the Blue Bells Model School has been focusing to blend learning through usage of both traditional and digital media. This will enable the children access their academic content at home and in the school in a holistic and interactive format. The school in collaboration with NIIT nguru is elated to apprise you with the ‘Practice Plus’- Practice and Assessment Portal for students of Classes III-VIII. It aims at empowering the students through regular practice, timely assessment and effective diagnosis of student strengths and weaknesses.

Practice plus incorporates the features as given below:

•             Resolves the inadequacy of correct practice resources for students to master concepts

•             Precisely identifies weaker areas of students and enables specific practice to improve

•             Healthy reward and progress mechanism to keep students motivated to learn

•             Results in better performance that helps students and school meet the high expectations of parents



Kindly follow the steps given below to be followed for registration: STEPS 1 to 9

STEP 1 – Login using URL www.practiceplus.in

STEP 2 –Click on Sign in.

STEP 3 –Enter the Username and Password shared by the Class Teacher.

STEP 4 –Enter the Mobile Number and Email Id in the form that appears.

STEP 5 –Complete the Student Profile.

STEP 6 –Click on ‘Complete Profile’.

STEP 7 –An OTP will be generated which will be sent to the registered No. and Email Id.

STEP 8 – Enter the OTP to complete the Verification process.

STEP 9 –Go ahead with using all the Material available on Practice Plus.

You are requested to ensure your child’s enrollment and participation in the Practice Plus for an active learning and feedback.

We solicit your kind co-operation.