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Career Planning

"My world is so beautiful as I believe thy my own self and that will be the strength of my soul which will guide me to a wonderful place with magnificent treasures."
We are all endowed with the unique gift of imagination with which we can create the world of our choice. Thus, the creative channelizing of the strengths with positive attitude will from the bedrock of studentsí future. To provide a unique platform to the students to acquaint them with the latest career options and avenues, Blue Bells Group of Schools organized Career Confluence in Blue Bells Model School on October 18, 2013 and October 19, 2013. This is the proud endeavour of Dr. Alka Saxena, Consultant (Health Care and Awareness), BBGS.
The main objective of the Confluence was to apprise the students and parents of the wide spectrum of career choices students can opt for after their Class XII. Eminent Speakers and Career Counsellors addressed the students and gave them a detailed account of various career choices they can make in accordance to their aptitude, interest and passion. The students of Class IX to XII attended various sessions on October 18, 2013 wherein they got a deep insight on the options available to them.
Adding more information to the concept taught in the sessions, the students also visited stalls put up by various Institutes (Management, Fashion & Hotel Management ) and Universities to understand the importance of the course and how to pursue admission in it.
Sharing their experience, the students told the teachers that they found it to be an informative and learning process where they came to know more about the career options available to them. They really enjoyed the interactive Session with Mr. Jitin Chawla, one of the leading Career Counsellors. They urged the school Management to arrange for a separate day Session with him so that they can learn more about the right choices they need to make in their life. They also noted the various websites from where more information on different career options can be taken out.

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