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Programmes at Blue Bell


D.E.A.R. is an innovative programme which signifies "Drop Everything And Read". This initiative is an effort by the school to inculcate and encourage reading habit among the students and also to hone their communication skills.
Circle-Time is a specially designed time-slot for the students when they avail the opportunity to express their thoughts without any inhibitions to give a free reign to their imagination.
Creative Writing Journal has been introduced in classesupto V. The activity helps the students to cultivate and reinforce their writing skills by expressing their views on creatively designed topics.

Life Skills and Value Education classes are a part of the curriculum for the students of
classes III to X . These classes provide the requisite help and guidance for the student to
imbibe values and to lead a balanced and healthy life.
Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable the students to deal
effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The students are introduced to a core set of life skills which help to promote health and well-being of the students. Many skills such as decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, coping with stress and emotions etc. are developed.
Life Skills workshops are also organized for teachers. As a part of the TEACHER EMPOWEREMENT PROGRAM, workshops on Life Skills Education are conducted at regular intervals
• Life skills Programme
• Social work campaigns

Committed to the mission of providing ‘Education for All’ the school runs a Bridge School ‘Savera’ where the children from the under privileged section of the society are provided free education, books and mid-day meals. The students of ‘Savera’ are indoctrinated towards health and hygiene and inculcate positive values. They are also trained in various extra curricular activities and compete with the students of the regular school in art, cultural and sports activities. Visits and tours are promoted for their all-round and holistic development.
The school is a regular sponsor of ‘CRY’ for Health care and Medical care. Fatherless children are given fee concessions. ‘Melas’ and Charity Shows are organized from time to time in aid of under-privileged and spastic students and Institutions for mentally and physically handicapped Child Welfare Council, Red Cross and Blind School.
The school is a life member of : National Book Trust, British Council Library, Spic-Macay, Child Welfare Council, Nehru Bal Samiti, HT-Pace, Times of India (NIE).


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