Tuesday 22nd October 2019

23 February 2019

As it is often said ‘Change is the only constant thing in this world’. Those who keep a proactive pace with change, create a better world. As you know, The Blue Bells School has had a journey of over 38 years. Throughout this journey, the only thing that has kept us contemporary is your trust which has inspired us to adopt a proactive approach to the changing environment. The school has always had a Progressive Thinking. It has always reinvented itself. To this effect a proactive approach to learning has inspired u

11 October 2017

We at Blue Bells aim to provide to all our students a safe, accident-free environment with vigilant and caring staff, supported by an efficient administrative system to ensure high safety standards. The school has in place the Child Protection Policy which is abided by the entire staff of the school. Its sub-heads include ‘Child Abuse Monitoring Committee’ which aims at ensuring a safe learning environment for the students. Some of the important points covered by the policy are: 1. All the staff members are well versed