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Health and Wellness Programme

Health and Wellness Programme

Dr. Alka Saxena, Assistant Director, Health and Wellness, Blue Bells Group of Schools, took the responsibility of establishing the Health and Wellness Programme in the year 2009.  Over a period of time Dr. Alka Saxena has groomed a full-fledged team of Counsellors and Teachers to empower students.

Health & Wellness Resource Center:

A Resource Center has been established for research and development, in the year 2015 by Dr. Alka Saxena, keeping in mind the needs and demands of Blue Bells Group of Schools. This resource center is a unique initiative and its main focus is to create modules, workshops and policies for the students, teachers and parents. This center also has a library which holds books related to Health and Wellness and we are working on expanding our collection of books and journals.


AWBY- The Awesome Buddy is the mascot of the Health & Wellness Programme and was made with a lot of love and thought. It showcases the ideology of the team which believes that every child is born to blossom and potentially be the light of the world. A Penguin with a Graduation Hat, Racquet, Magnifying Glass and a smile on the face presents a promising face of the youth who is well equipped with all the skills to combat the challenges of the world.
Donning of the Graduation Hat clearly signifies that Awby is academically sound, empowered, aware with a creative bent of mind to innovate, explore and invent and tread a new path of self-growth and discovery.  An individual’s health is the only wealth and this maxim is proved with the Racquet that Awby carries which depicts the sound body and mind coordination along with enthusiastic and motivated approach towards each and every issue of life.

Awby is optimistic, trustworthy, empathic, motivated, enthusiastic, emotionally sound and resolved, secure, confident, approachable, friendly and resilient. It presents a picturesque image of life which fosters creativity, innovation and independent thinking by being open to adopting a range of methodologies that will change the entire process of learning.

Following are the Programmes that come under Health & Wellness:

  1. Medical Care Facility and regular health check up

We have a well equipped medical room in Blue Bells Public School with a full time Doctor and trained nurses to provide necessary first aid to the students in time of emergencies.  An annual health check-up is a regular feature along with maintaining medical record of each and every child. Health advisory on prevention of various illnesses like swine flu, dengue, chicken pox, etc. is also a regular feature.

Please Note:

  • Medical field being hitherto charge is being exempted from the session 2012-2013.
  • Students will be provided first aid only in the school premises in case of medical problem.
  • In case of chronic diseases, school will only inform the parents telephonically. Parents will be expected to reach school at the earliest.
  • Expenses on first aid will be borne by the school. All other expenses in case of hospitalization/ visit to private clinic/ medicine will be borne by the parents.


  1. Individual counselling support for students, parents and teachers

We have a team of full-time counsellors who provide individual counselling support wherein various emotional, behavioural, psychological and academic issues of the students are addressed. The counselling and guidance cell creates a space for addressing parents’ as well as teachers’ concerns, along with offering emotional and psychological support to students and help them in resolving their difficulties.

The counselling and guidance cell also collaborates with teachers, parents and other personnel in order to facilitate a child oriented environment.


  1. Value Education and Life Skills Education Programme

Value Education and Life Skills classes are a part of the curriculum for the students of classes I to X. These classes provide the requisite help and guidance for the student to imbibe values and life skills which help them to lead a balanced and healthy life. Values are guiding principles, or standards of behaviour which are regarded desirable, important and held in high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives.  “The importance of values and Morals are the codes we live by in a civil and just society. They are what we use to guide our interactions with others, with our friends and family, in our business and professional behaviour. Whereas, Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

  1. Adolescence Education Programme

Adolescence is a transitional period when adolescents face a lot of doubt and uncertainty, emotional upheaval and turmoil. If the youngsters are guided in the right direction during this age, they prove to be an asset to the society and to the nation at large.

The Health & Wellness Programme helps youth to tide over the period of trial and tribulation in their life with ease and grow as Aware, Empowered and Empathetic citizens; who will take the nation in the right direction. In keeping with these concerns The Health and Wellness Team of Blue Bells Public Schools has been focusing on issues that are faced by adolescents. These are taken up in the club as well as in the classes by the health & wellness team.

  1. The Health & Wellness Club

The Health & Wellness Club was developed in the year 2009 for students of classes VI to X of Blue Bells Public School, the club for classes III to V was introduced in the year 2015.. These clubs are conducted by the counsellors and the teachers of the Health & Wellness team. In these clubs, we cater to the intellectual, creative, analytical and analogical skills of the students. The Health & Wellness club is the brain child of Dr. Alka Saxena.


  1. The Health & Wellness Programme Week

The Health and Wellness team believes that every child is potentially the light of the world. To hone and sharpen the life skills of the multi talented youngsters today, as well as to provide a platform where Gen Now can share and exchange their creative, critical and innovative ideas, The Health & Wellness Week was designed and initiated by the Resource Center, Blue Bells Group of Schools. The Health & Wellness week is celebrated each year in Blue Bells Public School as an Intra and Inter School event where students from Classes III to XII participate enthusiastically in various activities.

The Health & Wellness Week is called ‘EMPEZAR- A Beginning’ for the primary wing and Genesis for the middle and senior wing.

  1. Peer Educator Programme

The Health and Wellness Team of Blue Bells Public School has launched its own Peer Educator Programme which consists of a Health & Wellness Ambassador, a Peer Mentor and Peer Educators. These students are an integral part of the Student Council since the past two years. This team, selected through a well planned process, works as a bridge between mentors and pupils.


  1. Career confluence

To accustom and familiarize students of Blue Bells Public School with multitude of career options which are suitable for them, ‘Career Confluence’ is organized each year by the Health and Wellness team for students of classes IX to XII and their parents. As a part of this event, the students and parents get a chance to attend talks by eminent career counsellors and visit stalls of different institutes where they get an opportunity to interact with representative of various institutes, which helps them to gain information about different organization and the courses offered there.


  1. THOTS Programme

The school, under the guidance of Dr. Alka Saxena has initiated the THOTS (The Higher Order Thinking Skills) programme in Blue Bells Public School to provide the students with a structured approach for the development of thinking skills and processes. This program is designed by Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. for the students of Blue Bells Public School.

  1. Group work for students

Group work is developed for students across classes within the school set-up. It aims at sensitizing students to various themes related to health, well-being, social, emotional & cognitive domains. Sessions for these modules are conducted regularly for all age group of students.

The themes for the group work are based on concerns that come from students, parents and teachers. Our team leader  has frequent interactions with the Principal, Vice Principal and the Wing in charges to understand the challenges the students are facing. Some of the themes covered with the students are: Handling Examination Stress, Study Skills, Goal Setting, Substance Abuse, Understanding Emotions, Empathy, Understanding Puberty, Transition of students from primary to middle wing, etc.


  1. Workshop for parents

The Health & Wellness team also conducts workshops for parents on some topics that are covered with students, along with some other topics designed especially to sensitize them. This helps the parents in a getting an idea about the group work being done and also helps them to be in sync with the school system.

  1. Teacher Empowerment Programme

To sensitize the teachers and keep them in sync with the values and beliefs of the Health & Wellness Programme, Dr. Alka Saxena regularly organizes and conducts workshops for the teachers of Blue Bells Public School.

  1. Policies

Keeping our students’ safety in mind, Dr. Alka Saxena and the Counsellors of the Resource Center have formulated the Child Protection Policy. This policy applies to all employees and other persons who come in contact with the school system. The team is currently working on other policies as well.

  1. Social initiatives

The school is also working on social initiatives in order to reach out and help the community. The Health & Wellness team has collaborated with the Indian Cancer Society and HelpAge India wherein the students are involved in events such as poster making, slogan writing, debate, street play, etc to raise awareness about cancer.