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Students Safety

At Blue Bells, it is our constant endeavour to ensure that the students are safe and secure both inside the school and while commuting to and fro.


The van drivers dropping the students to school have been strictly instructed to drop the students at the Back Gate but it has been brought to the notice of the undersigned that most of them do not adhere to the instructions and drop the students away from the school or at the front gate. At times, the students are dropped across the road and they have to cross the road unattended. This puts their safety at risk as the school cannot be held responsible in such a case. 

We suggest to you to avail the school bus facility for your ward as it is much safer. 


The school provides a comprehensive fleet of buses that ply across all the sectors of Gurgaon including the upcoming ones. To ensure their wellbeing, the students availing the bus facility are escorted by a teacher, a security guard and a conductor upto the last stop and are handed over to the parent/ guardian only when the Parent’s Copy of the child’s I-Card is shown. This arrangement is not only more secure for the children, but also ensures that reaching school on time and back is the responsibility of the school itself.


Kindly note that the reporting time to school is 7:50 AM. Please ensure that your ward does not report to school before 7:45 AM.


 We solicit your co-operation in all our endeavours.