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Summer Vacation

Due to extreme weather conditions, the Summer Break for the following classes has been rescheduled:


Classes Nursery to III                 - May 13(Saturday) to July 02, 2017(Sunday)

Classes IV and V                          - May 16 (Tuesday) to July 02, 2017 (Sunday)


The schedule for Classes VI to XII remains the same which is as follows:


Classes VI to VIII                       - May 20, 2017(Saturday)  to July 02, 2017 (Sunday)

Classes IX and XI                       - May 27, 2017(Saturday) to July 02, 2017 (Sunday)

Classes X and XII                       - May 27, 2017(Saturday) to June 27, 2017(Tuesday)


However, the school timings  from May 16, 2017 till the summer break will be 8:00 am to 12:30 pm . Reporting time to school will be 7:50 a.m. 



For Classes Nursery to IX and Class XI , the school will reopen on July 03, 2017(Monday).

For Classes X and XII , the school will reopen on June 28, 2017(Wednesday) for Reinforcement Exams.


We solicit your kind co-operation in all our endeavours.