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Our Proud Parents

Parents’ Speak

1.Annual Event organized at the school was a great amalgamation of the efforts put in by the teachers and the kids. Starting from the Art Gallery depicting the academic, motor skills of our kids to the performances on the stage was marvelous. The displays in the Gallery were clearly showing the Progression Graph from where the little ones started to the students they have turned into. We have got to live this journey with them through these displays.
Moving on to the stage performances, energy of the kids in all the events was extra-ordinary. The coordination & beauty of the dances , the Theme (Tour Around the World) were all amazing and illustrates the hard work teachers have put into to nurture these skills in the kids. The atmosphere was spell bound with the magic of the performances. The credit for the beautiful show by the kids goes not only to the performers but also to all the teachers who have put their efforts to make it the best.
It was dream come true to see our daughter performing on the stage for the first time. Looking forward for many more such events.
Amit Gupta
Parent of Soumya,Class-Nursery Rose

2.Our hearty congratulations to the organizing team for the beautiful annual day presented to us.
We found that everything was well planned, well organized and promptly executed.
We really loved the dance performances with the enchanting music. Hats off to the dance teachers for their beautiful choreography; nevertheless it was perfect because of the excellent teamwork.
Parent of Aahan Khan,Class -UKG Pansy

3.This is to compliment wonderful function we had at Blue Bells Public School
I really appreciate the way the staff managed the show.
Getting so many things done by so small kids, I can understand how challenging this job had been.
For me this was a great event as my daughter was going to appear for her first performance on stage. We were waiting for this day for a long and … Blue Bells really made it memorable.
A BIG thanks to all of you
Expecting same (or even sweeter) many more memories from LeeWay …
Reena & Sharmila
Parents of Ishika , Ritika and Ishita ,Class- Nursery Tulip

4.Hats off to the students and faculty of Blue Bells Public School who together put up such a grand show for the parents of the tiny tots. It was really a feast for the eyes watching them perform on stage so well. Right from conceiving the theme, planning, training, organizing and finally executing must have been tremendous hard work on the part of the teachers and the support staff. Handling small children with so much care and affection by them needs special appreciation.
The choreographers of all the dances must be applauded for the fantastic job done with the participants. The performances were flawless and some of them were really jaw-dropping, especially Pasodoble and Japanese fan dance. Not to forget the cute and lively performance by the little penguins.
I wish all the best to all the participants and the faculty in all their future endeavors. May they always come out with flying colours in whatever they do. God bless them all.
Parent of Ananya Nath ,Class-UKG Pansy

5.May I first take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team of Blue Bells who had worked day and night to put up a magnificent show. The entire event was outstanding. Let me categorize my feedback to make it more precise and clear-
Participation by Students – 100%. This gives confidence not only to the students, but parents as well.
Theme – Interesting and Educating.
Dances – Relevant and Amazing. Sorry if I do sound biased, but the Japanese Fan Dance was the ‘Icing on the Cake’. Rest we thoroughly enjoyed all the performances.
Costumes – well selected. Comfort of kids was given priority. Thanks for that.
Gallery Walk – A very positive and inspiring measure adopted by the authorities. Display of our kids work not only motivates them but provides a sense of delight to the parents also.
Dedication of Teachers and other staff members – commendable and unquestionable.
Sitting Arrangement – was not satisfactory just like the previous year. Every parent wishes to watch their and other kids programme nicely, but except the people occupying the middle front rows, no one is able to enjoy the program. May I request the authorities to find out some suitable solution. One I would like to suggest if screens can be placed at the back sides so that the back seaters can view it properly.
Duration of Event – the entire duration of event was appropriate. There were no time lapses between the various dances. The only minus point was the delay of approximately 2 hours from the scheduled time of start of programme.
Dispersal – kindly make it more systematic and secured. If the dispersal of students can be done from the classes instead of open places and that too by the class teachers as they are the one who are more acquainted with the students and their respective parents.
Request – May I request the authorities to provide us with a copy of all pictures and videos of the entire event. Last year also we could not get it.
Once again a big round of applause for each and every member who had contributed selflessly for making the event grand and successful. Please do forgive me if any of my words or statements has hurt the sentiments of anyone.
Dr.Deepika Tiwari

6.This is regarding the annual event organized by Blue Bells School on March 10, 2018. Event is very successful and I happy to say this is one of best event which I have seen in past years. The way it is organized is very satisfactory. Children’s performance is very delightful.
Only thing which I am concerned about that it is not started on time and children’s have to wait a long on stage. We may avoid this.
Activities Rating(Out of 5)
Arrangement 5
Food 3
Performance 5
Ambience 4
Art Gallery 5
Time Management 3
Overall 4
Thanks & Regards
Anil Yadav

7.Our hearty congratulations for the beautiful annual presentation “LE TOUR DU MONDE”. I found that everything was well planned, well organized and nicely executed.
I really loved all the performances along with the enchanting music …it got me into gooseflesh.
Hat’s off to the dance teacher and team for their beautiful choreography…nevertheless it was perfect because of the excellent teamwork.
I want to especially thank all the teachers, admin staffs and support staffs , I could see them standing there in charge tirelessly till they handed over our wards. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill.
I noticed the sincere effort to bring maximum students onto the stage. All these things need very discrete preparation.
Thanks once again for the lovely evening.
Best Regards,
Manvika’s Parents

8. Stage is not a mere place where exhibition of performing arts is done instead it is beautiful place where the reunion of art with life happens. It was a delightful moment to see tiny tots on stage with full passion and zeal to showcase their talents. With complete support of teachers each part of the program emerged as a showstopper. The theme of the program LE TOUR DE MONDE was very meticulously chosen which served the purpose of infotainment. Students were acquainted with numerous cultures, dance forms and ethnicities that sustain in the world. Besides this, the gallery walk was a very pleasant idea to showcase the determination of the school to nurture the children into virtuous human beings. Overall the program was a splendid success and stole the hearts and minds of all.
By: Shveta Chouhan [mother of Saavi Chouhan (II A)]

9. It was our pleasure to join the invitation of annual day function. We were extremely excited to see all the kids performing very well on stage.
Decoration on gallery walk to show creativity of children was too exciting. The way school teachers had represented the activities performed by Children in the year was so beautiful. Not only our kid, but all the kids had performed beyond the imagination. It became possible because of teachers who were supporting them to perform in such a beautiful way.
Hats off to all the teachers and hats off to the complete team of school.
It was such a beautiful and well organized event. Every teacher has prepared every kid to the best. It was nice to see that each kid had participated.
From start of the event at gallery walk to stage and from stage performance to end of show. Again from end of show to picking up kids from given and announce places of school was so organised.
We all stood up and started clapping with full of excitement and joy when all kids came on stage and started singing “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, Toh Sur Bane Hamara”. What a great performance and what a good coordination.
Unity shown by all kids on stage was wonderful. It was so mesmerizing to see all kids on stage with respective teachers who helped them to prepare such a big event success.
No more words but thanks for inviting and organising such a beautiful event.
Thanks and Regards
Mukul Chaudhary
Father of – Lakshya Chaudhary, Class Second, Section D.

School : A Pious Place
All schools are beautiful pious places, Where one can earn ample knowledge,
My son is moulding his future successfully,
By acquiring in his school beautiful knowledge,
Talents are always God’s gift to a child,
But family or school may make him social or wild.
It is my pride that after a long try, I became successful
To find my requirement at ”Blue Bells Public School
Nidhi Singh
Mother of Ishaan Singh( I-C)

There was a man named Amit. He was staying happily with his sweet family that comprised of his parents, wife Lalita and her lovely daughter Pinky who was just 7 years old. Amit was a police officer. He was a hard working man and was very much loyal to his work and family. He used to take full care of his family; his daughter Pinky was his life. Everything was going on fine, but one fine day Amit met one of his old classmates who was not a good man. He started meeting his friend frequently and because of his bad company Amit developed the bad habit of smoking.
Initially, he was doing it occasionally but then he became used to it and started smoking regularly. Amit could be seen smoking everywhere- at workplace, in the market, at home. He was repeatedly asked by his dear wife, daughter and parents not to smoke, but he couldn’t stop doing so. He made a number of promises to all, but every time he failed in keeping his promises. And then the biggest nightmare hit the family as one fine night Amit’s lovely daughter Pinky was rushed to the nearby hospital. She was coughing badly and was getting breathless. All the family members were scared. The doctors, on examining Pinky, told Amit that it was due to inhaling excessive smoke that Pinky had got her lungs choked and infected. The doctor asked Amit that who in the family smoked so much that it had been responsible for making the little girl sick. On hearing this, Amit got trembled, and started crying very loudly as he knew that his daughter was lying in the hospital because of his bad habit of smoking. He felt very guilty and at this point of time, Amit went upto her daughter and very truly promised her not to smoke again.
Pinky recovered back in a few days and Amit also stopped smoking. All his family members especially Amit himself was very happy now. They continued to live very happily again.
Dr Deepika Tiwari,Mother of DISHITA SHARMA I C

Effects of Playing Computer/Mobile Games
• Most of the students misuse the modern technology invented just to have fun.
• Many students use Computer/Mobile to play games and very often get addicted to them.
• The Students spend hours in-front of the Computer/Mobile for Playing the Games. As a result, they neglect the school home work and lag behind in the studies.
• Too Much Computer/Mobile Games reduce the time for study, playing and eating.
• As a consequence, students face problem of weakness, itching and redness of the eyes etc.
• Too Much Computer/Mobile Games reduce the time for social life.
• Students do not interact with guests who visit home.
Solution –
• Parent should monitor their Child Activities.
• Parent should make a Schedule for playing computer/mobile games and it should
• not exceed half an hour.
• Parent should help their children to take part in sports or musical activities to divert the mind of their children from computer games.
Compiled by Parents of Prateek Yadav ,II D

‘Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind surely exists’
How do we know that the world truly exists? Solipsism is the idea that the world, as we know, it, only exists in our mind, that is, our mind is the only material object to exist and the rest is all imagination. People perceive the world through vision, sound, taste, feel and smell. But why is it then that the perception of the world for every individual is unique? Some people can eat terribly spicy chillies while some people can’t manage to eat even a single one without having to drink a bottle of water after.
Sometimes, in their waking hours, people actually experience the events that they dreamt about while sleeping. Maybe this is a coincidence. But these future predicting dreams occur to some people quite often. Is it possible that the mind knows what it wants, therefore, wants to relieve these experiences again and again??
A leading website of philosophy argues, ‘the idea of solipsism has problem. where do the experiences come from the self, generated through imagination and then the self makes the conscious self ‘believe’ these imagined experiences, why did it create reality?’’
Solipsism is probably false. But is then reality false as well?
Since we don’t know who/what created the universe, does this necessarily imply that reality doesn’t exist? Well, reality is not common for everyone. The world is different for everybody. Some people find paintings beautiful while others can’t begin to understand their beauty. Some have a love for music. Why does no one see a beauty in all? It is maybe because the world doesn’t exist like we think it does. What we perceive is probably a small fragment of what the world really is.
So, now the question is: Who/what should one believe?

Sportsmanship does not mean only taking part in sports and playing the game in conformity with the rules prescribed, but also playing the game of life in the spirit imbibed on the playing fields.
A true sportsman is he who observes all those rules in life which he has been taught to observe in games. One who has achieved skill or proficiency in games but does not learn to apply the principles of sports to life in general does not deserve to be called a sportsman.
On the contrary, a man who gives evidence of possessing a sporting spirit in games is still a sportsman. Usually those who play games develop into true sportsmen because their character is molded by the training they are given on the field.
It implies fair play. Just in games if any player plays foul, the side to which he belongs is penalized; similarly in the bigger game of life one must always be fair in one’s dealings with others.
Fairness, honesty, integrity, openness of heart and frankness -these are the qualities that a sportsman must display in life. One should not practice deception, should not bluff, should not cheat others and should indulge in diplomacy or humility. A sportsman never takes undue advantage of the weakness of his adversary nor does he hit below the belt.
The art implies obedience to the leader. In games the players have to obey their captain and yield to him on points on which they are in disagreement with him. They must repose the fullest confidence in him. In life too, a sportsman yields to his superior even if he does not agree with him. Respect for discipline is an essential part of sportsmanship.
Team spirit is another important element of sportsmanship. In games the various players must cooperate with one another if they wish to win a match. Without mutual co-operation success is impossible. Similarly in whatever sphere of life one may be, one must aid and be aided by one’s friends if one is a true sportsman.
Sportsmanship consists in working in full harmony with others. In cooperation indeed lies strength. Wherever a common aim binds a number of people together, they must display their sportsmanship by working harmoniously, without friction or mutual jealousy.
Finally, the spirit of sportsmanship demands cheerfulness even in the face of a defeat. When two players play a tennis match, the loser does not cherish any grudge against the winner. In fact the loser congratulates his opponent on his success and shakes hands with him.
Fair play, respect for discipline, recognition of the need for teamwork and cheerfulness even in the event of defeat are thus the dominant marks of a sportsman. Sportsmanship is worthy of admiration