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In the morning sports period children can choose to train in different sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, skating, table tennis, cricket, athletics etc. In Blue Bells we have various courts as in specified areas where these sports are played during the morning games hour. We have specialized sports faculty the Edu Sports Wing, which focuses on the skilled sports to create a balance between the mental and physical strength of the children to develop their Kinesthetic skills.

EDUSPORTS has been working with the school for Classes Nursery to V to ensure that all the children in the school experience the magic of sports and physical activities. Edusports structured activities and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioral skills and physical conditioning in children. Edusports offers a structured curriculum for sports (based on the developmental needs of the children) which is executed on the ground with the help of relevant tools/ props by a qualified full time Trainers. Periodic Workshops and
feedback sessions with the teachers and parents are integral part of the overall programme delivery. Edusports also conducts periodic assessments to track how fit the children are and what they have learnt. The whole programme works in sync with the school's time table, is age-appropriate and inclusive to cover all the children and touches all the key stakeholders periodically. Special morning / afternoon classes are arranged for teams for all the major games. The students are given exposure and confidence by sending the teams for interschool matches and competitions organized by CBSE and affiliated schools.
In the morning sports period children can choose to train in different sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, skating, table tennis, cricket, athletics etc. In Blue Bells we have various courts as in specified areas where these sports are played during the morning games hour. We have specialized sports faculty the Edu Sports Wing, which focuses on the skilled sports to create a balance between the mental and physical strength of the children to develop their Kinesthetic skills.

Computer Education is gathering momentum with the ever – increasing urge of the child to explore a world beyond the texts. Computer-education has been introduced as a compulsory subject to prepare the children to meet the challenges of the modern competitive world. The
students shall be awarded grades instead of marks in this subject. Computer education is imparted EZ Vidya Way through the curriculum which aims at triggering Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) while encouraging creativity of students for Classes Nursery to V and for the senior classes CBSE Curriculum is followed religiously.

At Blue Bells it is our constant endeavour to deliver the latest and the best to our students In sync with this, the school has initiated the THOTS (The Higher Order Thinking Skills) program under LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION in order to provide the students with a structured approach for the development of cognitive, emotional and social thinking skills and thinking processes. Under this interactive program designed by Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd each child of classes 1 - 5 is exposed to 17-20 different physical 'Thinking Tools' in one academic year. A class is conducted every week to develop various kinds of thinking abilities in the children. These classes are conducted by THOTS Facilitators who have been trained to work on the development of thinking processes A detailed, periodic assessment of is conducted in order to draw an annual, child-specific Thinking Skills Developmental Record for each child.

 Blue Bells is a pioneer in providing computer education starting right from nursery class. As a result they get tech savvy right from the initial stage of their education.
Computer Education &Robotronics are part of our school curriculum, the initiative to set up the same was done by IT Coordinator, Blue Bells group of schools, Ms.AnshukaAneja.
 The Blue Bells family believes in providing practical knowledge to our students through a different kind of curriculum for computer from EZ Vidya, Chennai named “Chrysalis”.
 It is a well graded curriculum covering areas like creative thinking, societal thinking, scope and sequence, multiple intelligence and so on.
 Recently our school had organized Chrysalis Day on 11th Feb 2014, where the students participated in groups and exhibited their creativity through their excellent projects.
 We at Blue Bells Public School also provide each child an individual E-mail ID, which is accessible to the parents.
 A specific login ID and password is provided to the parents. Please make sure that you access the emails regularly as we provide information through this.
 In case there is a problem due to login id, password or any other problem, kindly inform in written about the same,.


D.E.A.R. is a Programme to Drop Everything And Read. The initiative is an effort of the school to promote reading habit among the students and also to polish their language skills.

Circle-Time is a specially designed time-slot at the disposal of the students when they avail the opportunity to express their thoughts without any inhibitions and give flight to their imagination.

Creative and Public Speaking Classes are a regular feature of the school routine which enhances language and communication skills.

The ability of the students to perform and participate in a range of physical activities dramatically accelerates the overall learning process of children- including their ability to interact with others and environment. Structures physical activities and sports can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning- in a way which is visceral, engaging and fun for children. The school has engaged coaches for different sports for classes VI-XII to give opportunity to the students to show their talents as per their own choice. It provides various games such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volley ball, table tennis,
chess, badminton, athletics, roller skating, yoga, aerobics, school band and so on. The school also provides training to students in Japanese Martial Arts like Taekwondo and Karate, which administer a disciplined mind in a disciplined body.

“ My world is so beautiful as I believe thy my own self and that will be the strength of my soul which will guide me to a wonderful place with magnificent treasures.”
We are all endowed with the unique gift of imagination with which we can create the world of our choice. Thus, the creative channelizing of the strengths with positive attitude will from the bedrock of students’ future. To provide a unique platform to the students to acquaint them with the latest career options and avenues, Blue Bells Group of Schools organized Career Confluence in Blue Bells Model School on October 18, 2013 and October 19, 2013. This is the proud endeavour of Dr. Alka Saxena, Consultant (Health Care and Awareness), BBGS.
The main objective of the Confluence was to apprise the students and parents of the wide spectrum of career choices students can opt for after their Class XII. Eminent Speakers and Career Counsellors addressed the students and gave them a detailed account of various career choices they can make in accordance to their aptitude, interest and passion. The students of Class IX to XII attended various sessions on October 18, 2013 wherein they got a deep insight on the options available to them.
Adding more information to the concept taught in the sessions, the students also visited stalls put up by various Institutes (Management, Fashion & Hotel Management ) and Universities to understand the importance of the course and how to pursue admission in it.
Sharing their experience, the students told the teachers that they found it to be an informative and learning process where they came to know more about the career options available to them. They really enjoyed the interactive Session with Mr. Jitin Chawla, one of the leading Career Counsellors. They urged the school Management to arrange for a separate day Session with him so that they can learn more about the right choices they need to make in their life. They also noted the various websites from where more information on different career options can be taken out.


A workshop was conducted on Career Choices by Career Launchers on August 1, 2013. 
The session began with a brief introduction of the speakers, followed by a presentation for the students.
They focused on 4 major points to be kept in mind while choosing careers: Personality, Strengths, Aptitude and Interests.
 They made the students of the commerce stream aware of the different options available. They categorized them into traditional and non- traditional career choices.

The traditional choices included, finance, sales and distribution, strategy and consulting, CA, law etc. The non –traditional options included, design, architecture, animation and video editing, print or TV media, etc.
The resource persons also provided information about the courses students can pursue after XII, about the universities and the entrance tests required.

They also made the students aware of the importance of the class XII Board Results, as most P.G. level institutes give importance to the Board Results along with the graduation result and other aspects.
The resource persons thereafter responded to the queries put forth by the students, clarified their doubts and concluded the session.

In a separate session for the students of the Science Stream, they made the students aware of the different choices. They also talked about specializing or generalizing in their field along with the names of some universities and the tests required for them.

They then talked about some unconventional career options for the students from science background; like, law, design, architecture, animation, etc.
The session was then concluded by the resource persons where they shared their contact details.

Report on Sessions conducted for Class 11th
As a student moves from class X to XI, he comes across a number of changes vis-à-vis studies, examination and evaluation pattern. It was felt important to engage with the students of class XI at this stage to understand their feelings behind these changes and to help them cope with these changes.  Sessions on the same were conducted by the school counsellors in the month of May.
The counsellors also discussed effective study skills and ways of note making and explained how to make good and effective notes, so that they can be used throughout the year. Some reading and writing skills were also discussed. Other general tips and guidelines were also given to the students to help them improve and enhance their ways of studying and organizing themselves.
The counsellors also emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to increase productivity and alertness.
The module was prepared in-house by Dr.Alka Saxena and her team of counsellors.

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