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We Believe

The school aims at holistic growth of the students and follows a CHILD CENTRIC educational scheme. The Vision, Mission, Logo and Motto of the school are as follows:

Our Vision

To build on our years of experience and our rich repository of human resource; to constantly integrate the emergent best practices of education into our system; to stay amongst the best schools and spread it to other geographical locations.

Our Mission

To contribute to cognitive, emotional and physical development of children; to help them positively integrate with the professional and social environment as balanced individuals; to facilitate them to excel in an area of their interest and choice and have a fulfilling life.

Our Logo

The school has as its logo a burning candle which imparts the message of 'dispelling the darkness of ignorance and paving the way for the light of knowledge to emanate in all directions'.

Our Motto

Be Honest Be Brave is the motto of the school. The school believes in inculcating the virtue of honesty among all the Blue Bellians because it is only an honest person who stands steadfast on the strong-footing of his value system.The virtue of honesty also enhances the courage to brave all challenges in life.

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