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House System

The entire school is divided into four houses
1. Dr. Radha Krishnan
    Yellow :  Honing Latent Talent , channelizing creative intellect
2. Dr. C.V.Raman
    Green : Challenge the Impossible, Sky is not the limit to be achieved
3. Kalpana Chawla
    Red : Believe In Yourself and move untrammeled on the path of progress
4. Sarojini Naidu
    Blue : Lighten The Enlightened , empowering youth

Each house has a House Master/ Mistress, House Captain, Vice Captain, Prefects nominated or elected by the school. It is compulsory for every student of the school to be a member of a house. The main aim is to inculcate the qualities of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. Various activities and competitions are organized in different fields like Literary, Cultural, Fine Arts, Sports, Science, Community Services and Computers under the supervision of the House Master/ Mistress. The Interactive programmes organized as a part of the house activities help to inculcate values of Team Spirit and oneness. Various intra house and intra- school competitions are organized during the celebrations of festivals and other National Festivals. Children are involved in painting, drawing and various other visual arts to satisfy their aesthetic thirst.
The school believes that teaching goes hand in hand with various activities for the holistic development of the child.  Different co-scholastic activities form a regular part of a student’s life and as such they break the monotony of classroom learning.  House activities are conducted every Wednesday which enable the children to unravel their hidden talents.  The various activities which are carried out in the school are as follows:
• Morning Assembly
• School band
• School choir
• Inter House competitions and Meetings
• Formation of various activity clubs
• Annual Function
• Night Camps
• Summer Camps
• Excursions to different places
• Visits to important places like post office, police station, bank, botanical gardens and hospitals
• Adventure Camps
• Story narration
• English & Hindi Recitation
• English  and Hindi Calligraphy
• English and Hindi elocution
• Quiz competitions
• Antakshari based on proverbs
• Olympiads in Maths, Science, English & Computers.
• Newspaper reading Activities
• Inter class Computer competitions
• Literacy   Fest
• Educational Movie trips
• Individual talk shows
• Moot courts
• Technique to overcome natural disasters
• Street play
• Mime Acts
• Inter school competitions
• Photography competitions
• Inter class Computer competitions
• Field trips for heritage awareness
• On the spot drawing , painting and poster making competitions
 • Debates
• Extempore
• Essay Writing Competitions
• Group discussions on various important issues
• Fancy dress Competition
• Sports  competitions &Activities
• Drawing Competitions
• Bhajan Chanting
• Campaign-Save Animals & Save the World
• Clean Water Campaign
• My School, Clean -School campaign
• Party with shape cuisine
• Brain teasers
• Mind games
• Puzzle Solving
• Sudoku
• Collage Making
• Card Making Activities
• Slogan Writing Competitions
• Pot Decoration Competitions
• Fruit Talks
• Fun with Water – Rain Dance
• Origami
• Germination of Seeds
• Role Plays
• Tearing Pasting Competition
• Nature Walk
• Athletic Meet
• Animal Talk Shows/Parade
• Mock Drill for fire safety
• Go Green Marathon
• Group Discussions on various important issues
•  AD - MAD show
•  Power Point Presentations.
• E-card designing competitions

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