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Identity Card

The school values the security of each and every child. Each child is issued two I-Cards initially. The Light Blue colour        I-Card is the Student I-Card and the Pink colour I-Card is the Parent/Escort I-Card. The students availing school transport are given the  I-Card with a Yellow Lanyard and the students availing any other transport are given the I-Card with a Blue Lanyard.  


The student I-Card has to be worn daily to school. The Parent/Escort I-Card is to be kept by the parents/Rickshaw puller/Van Driver or whosoever comes to pick up the child from the school premises or from the bus stop. This rule is mandatory for the security of our students.


Schoo l Uniform

It is compulsory for the students to come in flawless and neat uniform. Regular school uniform is worn on all working days except Wednesdays. For Classes I and II  House uniform is worn on Wednesdays and Sports Uniform on Friday.