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Celebrations and Functions

Celebrations are a chance to loosen up and unwind in the midst of our mundane lives. Celebrations give us the opportunity to share our similarities so that we can celebrate our differences without discriminating in terms of caste, creed, culture, religion, sect, communities, or languages.

Blue Bells Public School instils in its students the best of Indian culture and tradition while also inviting in the best of Western culture. As we celebrate, we shed the stress of lives and do things we love to do with the people we are fond of.

Celebrations also pave the way to social interactions among people from diverse backgrounds. This encourages the breaking down of barriers created by hierarchies and differences.

The Blue Bells family promotes national integration by celebrating regional, religious, and national festivals with a feeling of oneness.

Besides this, in our activities at school, we also occasionally invite parents to participate in different co-curricular activities—for instance, on Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and so on.

We encourage huge participation in the Annual Day function. It is an attempt is to provide each child with an opportunity to showcase her or his talent on stage.



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