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Butterflies do not know the colours of their wings, but the human eye knows how beautiful they are.

Dear children, at times you may not realise that you carry our rich legacy on your beautiful wings. It is in you, our truest ambassadors, that our rainbow dreams are invested, and you should know that the great future rests on your seemingly delicate shoulders.

The attitude that you cultivate today will shape the world of tomorrow. You are the sculptors of the world that you dream of. Hence, it is very important that you strive to give your best to this world—the best of your head as well as your heart.

Your academic progress will actualise in all completeness only if it is complemented with the virtues of righteousness, humility, and compassion.  A truly educated person will have reverence for life in its totality, be it respect and love for fellow human beings, care and concern for animals, or sensitivity towards nurturing environment. I take pride in the fact that Blue Bellians have always been duty-conscious towards environmental and societal concerns. One of your foremost responsibilities is to balance your passion for science and technology with environmental conservation.

A meaningful human existence can be summarised in the amalgamation of body, mind, and spirit. So, dear children, I urge you all to keep your thoughts, actions, and consciousness synchronised. Just as a sapling grows into a huge tree that bears fruits and flowers, harmonised thoughts lead to actions that yield fruits of goodness and brightness. If you harmonise your inner self, you will indeed create a peaceful world where an endless saga of human glory will be recited.

I wish you a very happy and healthy session ahead. I hope that you will try to create a history of a beautiful physical and social environment. Give your best to make India lead the world in all spheres through her budding leaders.

Best wishes and blessings,

Dr Saroj Suman Gulati


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