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Inter-school Event- BBPSx Parthenon

April 21, 2021Inter-school Event- BBPSx Parthenon

Blue Bells Public School Hosts Online Inter-school Event- BBPSx Parthenon (Click here to view the results)

Literature majestically describes reality by enriching the necessary competencies of life and providing a platform for the imagination to grow and prosper in totality.

In pursuance of our mission to create sensitivity towards literature and appreciate it in its varied moods and genres, the school organized an online Inter-School competition BBPSx Parthenon 2020 on August22, 2020.

Events like Artist Abode, Off the hook (Stand-up comedy), Verse vs Verse, Acropolis provided much-needed platform to the fiery competitors from the renowned schools of Gurugram who displayed their talent and creativity. The participants were judged on the basis of originality, creativity, fluency, diction and articulation. Their spirit to excel and presentation overwhelmed the judges.

The members of the Management and the Vice-Principal, Madam Arpita Acharya, extend their Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and thank the teams for their participation.




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