Safety and Security



We at Blue Bells aim to provide to all our students a safe, accident-free environment with vigilant and caring staff, supported by an efficient administrative system to ensure high safety standards. The school has in place the Child Protection Policy which is abided by the entire staff of the school.

Students are handed over to the parents, van drivers and rickshaw pullers only after checking their I - Cards.

There is only one entry/exit point to the premises. The back gate, used at the time of dispersal, is manned by security guards maintaining a record of every entry and exit in a register.

The school has complete CCTV coverage. It covers all critical areas of the premises including entry and exit points of the school, washrooms, corridors, ramps, basement, sports area etc.

Children of classes Nursery to II are accompanied to the school bus in a group by the Route In-charge. Every bus has one female teacher and one female guard present on the route till the last student gets off at the end of the route.

In case there is a request during school hours to pick up a child due to an emergency, such exit is not permitted if the person is not the parent/guardian himself/herself, even if they are carrying the identity card, until and unless this has been specifically verified with the parent. Especially if the person is a driver/maid or any other relative, such pick-up is permitted only once the school has verified this with the parent.

A full time Doctor and Nurse take care of the medical needs of the children.

Health and safety checks are carried out regularly and the staff is kept up-to-date with First Aid Training, child protection training and conducting safety drills.

Safety measures taken for Picnic/outdoor activities:

  • Parents/Guardians and caregivers give their permission in writing before children can be taken out of the institution premises for activities and outings. No outing or trip are made compulsory for children (except educational tours).
  • The exact destination & timings are communicated well in advance to parents/guardians.
  • Participants are made aware at least 3 days prior to the program of safety precautions, helpline numbers etc.

The teacher in charge has a list of students along with phone numbers of their parents/guardians.

Regular safety mock drills are conducted to keep the staff and students updated about the safety measures.

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