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Assessment:- The school views Assessment as  an ongoing process which is continuous and comprehensive and one that monitors the progress of the child over a period of time. Opportunities are provided to the students to demonstrate what they know and can do. The purpose of assessment is to provide a credible feedback on subject specific areas as well as include various tools and techniques that assess attitudes to learning interest and ability to learn independently. Well designed assessment and regular feedbacks to the learners is a means by which the learners strive towards achieving the standards. The aim of assessment is to improve the learning-teaching process, and to be able to review the objectives of education laid out at different school stages by gauging the extent to which students have been able to achieve the curriculum and performance standards.

The Pre-Primary Wing provides a homely environment where learning is made fun. To unravel inherent talent in students and groom them to develop a constructive line of thought, various co-curricular activities such as role play, learning by doing, singing, dancing, colouring, origami, paper cutting, clay modeling, painting, dramatics, sports, computer learning, group activities etc. are organized.

The students are assessed on the basis of class performance and day to day activities in the school. There is no formal testing for these classes.

The academic session is divided into two terms, Term I from April to September and Term II from October to March. Progress Report for each term is based on the continuous assessment of the child which , as already discussed, is an ongoing process. Promotion to the next class will be based upon the child’s overall performance in the scholastic and co-scholastic areas during the session.


  • Following the CBSE directives, the Primary Wing awards ‘Grades’ instead of marks.
  • The academic session is divided into two terms – I Term from April to September and II Term from October to March.
  • Periodic Assessments are conducted on every Friday.
  • Continuous assessment of the student is maintained on the basis of three written assessments.
  • The performance in all the three assessments in both the terms is consolidated at the end of the session in the form of a final Progress Report.
  • Assignments, activities, dictations, projects/ models and orals are regularly conducted along with the written Assessments.
  • Students are also given online Practice assignments to enhance their concepts.
  • Grades are awarded for Arts, Music, Sports, Yoga/Aerobics and Clubs.


The school adheres to Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) scheme that covers all the aspects of a student’s development. The assessment is based of Formative and Summative Assessment. In FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT, emphasis is more on ongoing learning rather than on written examinations. These include quizzes, interviews, conversations, visual testing, oral testing, projects, practicals and assignments.

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT is in the form of a written test conducted by the school at the end of each term. The Examination and Evaluation system being adopted by the school for classes VI to X is based on the guidelines of CCE. The entire academic session will be divided into two terms spanning April to September and October to March. Students will be assessed in both Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.

– Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas.
– Co-scholastic aspects include Life-skills, Co-curricular activities, attitudes and values.

  • Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) (www.cbse.items.in)
  • Problem Solving Assessment
  • The Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills In English (ASL)

Weekly tests for each subject shall carry a weightage of 40 marks per term.
Two periodical Tests Weightage – 40 marks each
Communication skills/Assignments & Projects – 10 marks
Terminal – 100 marks
TOTAL – 150 marks
Percentage required for promotion to the next class is 40% in aggregate. It shall be mandatory for the students to qualify in all the elective and optional subjects.

General Instructions

  1. Periodical test shall be conducted on every Monday as per the schedule given in the Test Series.
  2. Every student is expected to maintain in record at least 80% attendance during the year.
  3. The exemption from weekly test shall be only on medical grounds provided the leave application reaches on the day of absence. No neutralization will be done in Terminal Examination or Unit Tests except on medical basis.
  4. Medical Certificates for absence from terminals or annual examination shall be accepted only in case of hospitalization or in case of serious mishap or death in the family. The application for the same must be submitted within 24 hours and medical certificate within 48 hours. The medical certificate furnished must indicate the disease and the dates of the rest period suggested. In case of contagious disease or prolonged illness medical certificate must indicate the quarantine period.
  5. Promotion of a student to the next class shall be based on cumulative result.
  6. A student missing the final examination shall not be considered for neutralization and shall not be eligible for promotion.
  7. For Class XII, the Reinforcement Examination will be conducted in the month of June and a weightage of 25% is given in Term I Examination.